Saturday, July 5, 2014

I need an MRI and my next course of treatment.

I need to get an MRI and also my next course of treatment. The MRI is $580 out of pocket and the next round of treatment is $750.

I am hoping to raise some funds by offering some new music for you to download. Friends and people within my community have already given so much to me and others that I thought I would offer up something in return that I had personally created. These are songs that I recorded over a long period of time here at home. Due to my illness it’s a slow process but it’s the one thing that keeps me sane, so I persist.

Downloads typically sell for about one dollar each song. I have set this up so you can pay whatever you want to. If a dollar a song is what you can afford then that is awesome, but if you are poor I am happy for you to download the songs for FREE just by entering $0 at the checkout. If you download the songs for free then you can help me by sharing the link on your social media.

Please keep in mind I am not just selling music for the sake of it, I am doing it to help with my medical expenses, so even if you hate the music but you know me it might be a nice keepsake for you in exchange for helping me out.

People who already know me should skip this paragraph rather than be bored silly by details.
For people who don’t know my history I have been completely housebound for the last 5 years with a severe neuro-immune disease. It affects my immune system in a similar way to AIDS (parts of my immune system that should fight viruses and infections and cancer are no longer working) and it affects me neurologically in similar ways to MS and Parkinsons. It also effects my heart, brain and other organs. There is no cure and little is understood about it all. No treatment options are covered by Medicare or Private health insurance so it all costs me a bomb.

I have learnt to live within my limits and I gain every small amount of joy possible. The online world is a HUGE part of that daily dose of joy for me, so thanks :)

OK, here is the music. Please download for a few $$ or for free if need be and share share share.


P.S. if you look on the right side of the music page you will see 2 other albums of mine, one called 'Ash in October' and one called 'Hot2Go'. These are other bands I have been in and you can also download these for FREE if you like :)