Monday, August 18, 2014

MRI, the big burn!

Firstly I must say THANK YOU to everyone who bought my latest music release. I raised enough money to pay for my MRI and had some left over to put towards my next round of Hookworm therapy.
Anyone who missed it, you can still download my music for FREE or pay a few dollars if you wish -

OK ... sooooo ... I finally went for the long awaited MRI last Friday. It was to try and get to the bottom of pain I have been having in my left kidney region for over a year now. I had already had several ultrasounds and CT scans, all of which showed I had numerous kidney stones but nothing else. My Dr said the MRI was the mother of all scans that were available to me and if anything was going to be able to find the cause of the pain then this was it.

I had some concerns about having an MRI now because I have become very sensitive to EMF's (electro magnetic frequencies). A lot of people will just roll their eyes when they hear me say this but mainstream science and media has been reporting on this for a long time. How many times have you heard that over use of your mobile phone can cause bran cancer? Well that is because of the EMF's. For me and many of my sick friends we have become extra sensitive to these EMF's and things like WiFi and smart meters cause neuropathy type pain, nausea, brain fog etc. For me personally, 20 minues on my laptop is about my limit before my hands and face start to BURN. Yes, it feels like bad sunburn and does actually turn red. So anyway, as i was saying, I was concerned about EMF's from the MRI machine. As it turns out I had good reason to worry. Although I have now recovered well I did have 2 days of severe full body neuropathy burning type pain. Just felt like someone had tried to give me a spray tan with a blow torch! OUCH!

The good news though was that the trip to the Xray clinic in the car etc did not cause me to crash. Yippee!!

The bad news, or good news depending on how you look at it is that I got my results yesterday and they failed to find anything of significance :(  The only thing the scan showed was 2 small cysts on my left kidney. Could they be the cause of the pain? I doubt it but I will talk to my Dr in a few days time and see what he says. the really odd thing is that the MRI did not find ANY kidney stones. Three months ago a CT scan and utrasound both found I had 4 stones in my left kidney and 1 in my right. So where did they go? I couldn't have passed them without knowing, they were all between 3-5mm. They couldn't have all dissolved either. It's just a bizarre mystery and obviously I will also have to talk to my Dr about this.

At least I know that whatever is causing the pain it not serious and I can just continue on with my next round of Hookworms. This will be my second round and will still be a very low dose due to my immune systems fragile state. I am anticipating that by Christmas time I might have enough worms living in me to start to give me some noticeable benefit. Onwards and upwards!


  1. Thank you for the update Lee Lee. Very curious re kidney stones! Could it have been an ultra sound anomaly? A wrong reading of the scan? There's NO WAY you could've passed them without knowing! Fuck no! Good news there's nothing serious going on. And. I suspect you are very used to living with mysterious pains and what-not. Worst luck.

    Go well my friend (Adrian)

  2. There's some stoned worms hating your guts ?
    Sarah b

  3. Why do you want worms living inside you?