Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bones Kidneys Worms Music

Oooh lots to mention in this post. 

I was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis and I wanted to talk about this as a warning to anyone who has a inflammatory condition. Chronic inflammation of any kind can cause Osteoporosis. That coupled with spending everyday in bed or on the couch is a recipe for disaster. Calcium that should be in your bones leaches out into your tissues and blood stream. This is something every Dr should know an yet it seems very few actually bother to tell their patients or test their patients for it. WHY??!! I was actually really angry when I got the diagnosis. My Dr is very aware of my situation and health concerns, why did he not suggest a bone density scan years ago. If I had caught this earlier then I probably could have stopped it getting to this point.  So my message is if you have ME-CFS, Lyme, MCS, Fibro or some other inflammatory condition then ask your Dr for a bone density scan NOW.

I have been having daily kidney pain for close to 2 years now. I have talked about this before and six months ago I was in hospital with a kidney stone. At that time they told me I had five more stones still in my kidneys. I may have more by now. This relates in part back to the Osteoporosis. Because calcium is leaching out of my bones some of it is ending up as calcium oxalate crystals in my kidneys. So now I am in a catch 22 situation. I should be supplementing with calcium and D3 etc to help control the Osteoporosis but doing so will possibly cause more kidney stones. I say possibly because I have not been able to get a definitive answer about this. My Dr told me NOT to take any calcium or D3 and yet recent research that I have looked at says it’s a myth and that taking high dose calcium will in fact block oxalate and stop kidney stones forming. So who do I believe? I hate these situations.

The thing I have chosen to try is modifying my diet and cutting out high oxalate foods. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks with interesting but not always pleasant results. Within a week the daily kidney pain I have been having was totally gone. But I find now that I am having random days where it comes back badly and I also get other symptoms like chills, neuropathy, cramps etc. The oxalate experts say this is ‘ox dumping’ … or the body having a spontaneous detox of oxalates. Once my system has sufficiently lowed its burden of oxalates this should stop … or so they say ….

I had my second dose of Hookworms 6 weeks ago and am happy to say it has mostly been side effect free this time. But, in the last couple of weeks I am having gastritis quite badly after every single thing I eat. I haven’t been able to find anyway to control it. I don’t even know for sure it’s the worms doing it, it could be the change in diet although I don’t think so. All I can do is wait it out and hope it gets better not worse. On the positive side I am having less fatigue and less food intolerance which is encouraging.

I am due for more Hookworms in about 6 weeks time and so I have written and recorded some more songs to sell/give away as a way to help with the costs. If you are also sick or poor then I am happy for you to download the tracks for free, but please share the link on social media to help me. If you have a job then I would greatly appreciate it if you paid to download the songs. Just a dollar or two is fine .. it will all help me with the medical expenses. There are two songs and two remixes as well. Here is the link:


Monday, August 18, 2014

MRI, the big burn!

Firstly I must say THANK YOU to everyone who bought my latest music release. I raised enough money to pay for my MRI and had some left over to put towards my next round of Hookworm therapy.
Anyone who missed it, you can still download my music for FREE or pay a few dollars if you wish -

OK ... sooooo ... I finally went for the long awaited MRI last Friday. It was to try and get to the bottom of pain I have been having in my left kidney region for over a year now. I had already had several ultrasounds and CT scans, all of which showed I had numerous kidney stones but nothing else. My Dr said the MRI was the mother of all scans that were available to me and if anything was going to be able to find the cause of the pain then this was it.

I had some concerns about having an MRI now because I have become very sensitive to EMF's (electro magnetic frequencies). A lot of people will just roll their eyes when they hear me say this but mainstream science and media has been reporting on this for a long time. How many times have you heard that over use of your mobile phone can cause bran cancer? Well that is because of the EMF's. For me and many of my sick friends we have become extra sensitive to these EMF's and things like WiFi and smart meters cause neuropathy type pain, nausea, brain fog etc. For me personally, 20 minues on my laptop is about my limit before my hands and face start to BURN. Yes, it feels like bad sunburn and does actually turn red. So anyway, as i was saying, I was concerned about EMF's from the MRI machine. As it turns out I had good reason to worry. Although I have now recovered well I did have 2 days of severe full body neuropathy burning type pain. Just felt like someone had tried to give me a spray tan with a blow torch! OUCH!

The good news though was that the trip to the Xray clinic in the car etc did not cause me to crash. Yippee!!

The bad news, or good news depending on how you look at it is that I got my results yesterday and they failed to find anything of significance :(  The only thing the scan showed was 2 small cysts on my left kidney. Could they be the cause of the pain? I doubt it but I will talk to my Dr in a few days time and see what he says. the really odd thing is that the MRI did not find ANY kidney stones. Three months ago a CT scan and utrasound both found I had 4 stones in my left kidney and 1 in my right. So where did they go? I couldn't have passed them without knowing, they were all between 3-5mm. They couldn't have all dissolved either. It's just a bizarre mystery and obviously I will also have to talk to my Dr about this.

At least I know that whatever is causing the pain it not serious and I can just continue on with my next round of Hookworms. This will be my second round and will still be a very low dose due to my immune systems fragile state. I am anticipating that by Christmas time I might have enough worms living in me to start to give me some noticeable benefit. Onwards and upwards!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

I need an MRI and my next course of treatment.

I need to get an MRI and also my next course of treatment. The MRI is $580 out of pocket and the next round of treatment is $750.

I am hoping to raise some funds by offering some new music for you to download. Friends and people within my community have already given so much to me and others that I thought I would offer up something in return that I had personally created. These are songs that I recorded over a long period of time here at home. Due to my illness it’s a slow process but it’s the one thing that keeps me sane, so I persist.

Downloads typically sell for about one dollar each song. I have set this up so you can pay whatever you want to. If a dollar a song is what you can afford then that is awesome, but if you are poor I am happy for you to download the songs for FREE just by entering $0 at the checkout. If you download the songs for free then you can help me by sharing the link on your social media.

Please keep in mind I am not just selling music for the sake of it, I am doing it to help with my medical expenses, so even if you hate the music but you know me it might be a nice keepsake for you in exchange for helping me out.

People who already know me should skip this paragraph rather than be bored silly by details.
For people who don’t know my history I have been completely housebound for the last 5 years with a severe neuro-immune disease. It affects my immune system in a similar way to AIDS (parts of my immune system that should fight viruses and infections and cancer are no longer working) and it affects me neurologically in similar ways to MS and Parkinsons. It also effects my heart, brain and other organs. There is no cure and little is understood about it all. No treatment options are covered by Medicare or Private health insurance so it all costs me a bomb.

I have learnt to live within my limits and I gain every small amount of joy possible. The online world is a HUGE part of that daily dose of joy for me, so thanks :)

OK, here is the music. Please download for a few $$ or for free if need be and share share share.


P.S. if you look on the right side of the music page you will see 2 other albums of mine, one called 'Ash in October' and one called 'Hot2Go'. These are other bands I have been in and you can also download these for FREE if you like :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

The worm that turned

The last month has been a turbulent time for me. I have been to hospital 3 times and also started my new treatment (which will probably make some of you squirm).

For about a year I have been having intermittent kidney pain but urine and blood tests have been negative. A couple of months ago it got quite bad and my Dr suggested I better get a CT scan and go see a Urologist. I now have an xray place just round the corner and they are great at accommodating my needs. I had the scan and it showed 3 kidney stones but they were in a position that should not be causing any problems. So off to a Urologist. I was lucky and found one very close by who had ground floor access and agreed to usher me straight through so I wouldn’t have to sit down to wait or be in a room with other people etc. It worked quite well but unfortunately he seemed to think my pain was a neurological problem and not a kidney problem. These 2 trips out wiped me out quite badly so I decided I would just put up with it for a while.

A couple of weeks ago I woke up one morning and the pain was BAAAD! OMG it was bad. I called my Dad who came straight over and then he called an ambulance and we went to the closest private hospital which was Greenslopes. I wont ramble on but I made the fatal mistake of admitting I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and from that point on the service was beyond appalling. They wanted to do a blood test and urine test and I told them I had been unable to pass any urine for the previous 9 hours. They gave me 3 litres of saline and I drank a 600ml bottle of water and still had nothing. They did a kind of ultrasound on my bladder and found I only had 100ml of fluid in there .. so where was the other 3 litres? It was obvious that something higher up was blocked and stopping the fluid from getting down to my bladder and even the nurse commented on this. Eventually I was able to pass the 100ml so they did the urine and blood tests and told me they were all clear – no infection or anything else. (I later found out this was false. I obtained copies of those tests and they clearly showed an acute infection which the hospital chose to ignore). They did not do any scans other than the one on my bladder. My pain was fluctuating between 8/10 and 10/10. The Dr suggested I go home and make an appointment to see a pain specialist (for which she gave me a referral). I was in so much pain and so my dad asked that they admit me to hospital for further investigation such as a scan. Here is where it gets really interesting … the Dr’s response was ‘I am not authorized to admit patients to hospital and there is no one available who has that authority’ and she also said ‘if the pain doesn’t improve I suggest you go to a public hospital’. I was gobsmacked … how can a private hospital not have anyone on duty who has authority to admit patients? How can they do that and still charge money? And secondly I pay a LOT of money for health insurance so I have the privilege of access to better service and conditions at private hospitals, so why would I go to a public hospital?

I said I wasn’t going to ramble but it’s too late … oops!

So we were sent home. I remained in agony until the next morning. I hadn’t slept in 48 hours or eaten either. My Dad called another ambulance and we went to a different private hospital and yeehaaa they were great. They respected my CFS diagnoses and my chemical sensitivity and tachycardia and they immediately organised a CT scan which showed a kidney stone was stuck. The Dr was great and admitted me to hospital where I stayed for 6 days. During this times I had a few complications due to the CFS but the hospital were great and it was so good to be validated and have the problem resolved.

The week before the first visit to hospital I started my new treatment … WOORRMMSS!!!!!  Yep that’s right worms. I have infected myself with hookworms. It’s called Helminthic Therapy and the parasites are supposed to modulate your immune system. It sounds gross but how many times have you heard someone say that it’s good to let kids play in the dirt because it will strengthen their immune system. I wont go into why or how it works, there is plenty online if you are interested. What I will say is that it has shown it to be effective at causing remission for people with MS, Chrons disease, Ulcerative Colitis, all sorts of autoimmune diseases and food and chemical sensitivities. There have been a small number of people with CFS who have tried it and had some success. I have always felt as though at least part of my condition is autoimmune and I have quite severe food and chemical sensitivities so I felt it was worth a go. The risks are limited. The worms cannot multiply inside you, the number you inoculate with is the number you have until they die. Anaemia is a small risk as with any parasite but this just needs to be monitored with a blood test. Initially most people have a flare of symptoms and diarrhoea etc because the immune system sees the worms as an invader and responds as though it is. This should pass and with time positive things should come. If you experience anything that makes you want to stop you just take a worming tablet and kill them.

So … at about the 3 week mark of having my worms on board I started to get sick. I got the diarrhoea as expected but also got some scary heart type symptoms – chest pain, neck/shoulder/arm pain, shortness of breath and palpitations. Initially I thought it was probably just my body responding to the worms but over the following few days it got worse and scary. So a couple of days ago I called another ambulance and went back to the hospital which had been so great (Mater Private in Brisbane). They did blood tests, ECG and echocardiogram and there was no sign of heart attack etc. The dr suggested it was not really a heart problem but instead being triggered by something else such as viral infection etc. So this fits with the scenario that it’s being caused by the worms, after all they are an infection.

Today I still have these symptoms as well as swollen and sore lymph nodes which is definitely a sign of infection. So my plan is to just sit tight and wait for my immune system to calm down. It may take a few weeks which is apparently normal with the worms.

I am optimistic without getting my hopes up. I have tried and failed with so many treatments. This is the second last treatment I have on my last so it better bloody help!!.

P.S. yes that is a photo of a hookworm!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The end of the road

This may be a rather long post because I have a lot to say. I feel as though I have been bottling up certain things for a long time and it time to just let  it out.

In the last 4 years I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS, Toxic Encephalopathy, MCS, POTS with NMH and Lyme like disease which may include Boriella, Babesia, Baronella. I have now also been diagnosed with a new one which I will discuss shortly. Now to the outside this would look like a simple case of bullshit or hypochondria. To an insider like me and many of you it is clear that the lines are very fuzzy and that these are all most likely the same stupid illness. How did this happen? Well the problem is that all of these illnesses have overlapping symptoms, there are no reliable tests for any of them and the Doctors that diagnose have very little support from colleagues and the medical system and very little time to actually sit down and examine our extensive symptoms and histories.

So, people like me end up with a long list of ‘maybe you have this, or this, or this’. There are two big problems here. Firstly it really fucks with your psyche to be severely ill 24/7 year after year and not really even know what ‘it’ is. What am I supposed to tell people? Even though I am housebound and exist in a bubble I am constantly having to disclose my status to people … and how do I do that when I don’t know what it is? I find if I say I have ME/CFS people say what’s that, so then I have to say Chronic fatigue Syndrome and they instantly do the eye roll and the conversation is over. MCS is  exactly the same, people just don’t believe it. If I say Toxic Encephalopathy then people say what’s that, and I can explain my body and brain have been damaged by chemicals, which I completely believe is what happened … but I have never received any treatment or the slightest bit of interest from any Dr regarding this. Even the Dr who made the diagnosis never mentioned it again. So it almost feels fake to tell people that is what’s wrong with me. Lyme Disease does and could have caused all of my symptoms, but do I have it .. I have serious doubts. So what do I tell people. Often I just say I have a neuro-immune disease and try to skirt around it. But many people want more info … if I say my diagnosis is not firm people just think that I must be faking it, otherwise of course I would have a proper diagnosis. If I tell people the long list of things I have been diagnosed with then people think I am faking and just collecting illnesses for attention.

The second big problem is that each of these diagnoses’ come with treatment protocols that all have risks and side effects and often make people sicker. I have tried many many things for the various illnesses and most have made me sicker, some in scary and serious ways. The last big mistake was taking Plaquinil which is a kind of antibiotic which can and did cause me serious and long lasting muscle weakness. Would you be dumb enough to try chemotherapy for diabetes? No, you would only have it for cancer. But that is what many of us face. We are guinea pigs trying all sorts of dangerous drugs because we simply don’t know what we have, our Dr’s don’t know and we are so ill that we are desperate to try anything that might help even a little, regardless of the risks. Because, lets face it, the only thing scarier than dying from an experimental treatment is living with a debilitating mystery illness.
My energy is very limited. Over the last 4 years I have dedicated the majority of that energy towards getting better. I research possible diseases and treatments, I study physiology and biology so I can perhaps make links that the Doctors have missed, I talk to other sick people and learn from their experience, and I share my knowledge with others. I maybe have an hour or two each day where I can function. Perhaps its time to stop spending that time playing detective and instead try to spend that time living a life. I Feel that at this point it is unlikely that I will ever know what is wrong in my body. I will die prematurely. I am thinking I don’t want to spend what time is left digging for something that I will never find. I want some happiness and maybe I can get it for an hour a day in simple ways. I have been thinking about this for some time and I think I have a new plan.

There are a couple of things already on my radar in terms of illness and treatment so I figure I may as well address those so I can say that I had one final go, and then throw in the towel and start living my little life instead !!

So, another diagnosis. Yes, another one! It’s a genetic disease called Familial Mediterranean Fever. To have it you need to have a specific double gene mutation. It’s rare but in my recent researching and digging I discovered I have the mutations. I also am a textbook case, so finally I do actually have something that can be clearly diagnosed and not disputed. The classic symptoms are Fevers that start often at an early age. For me it started when I was about 4. I had these frequently through my childhood and they were not attributed to anything usual. They persisted though less frequently thought my teenage and adult years and then when I got sick with the mystery illness 4 years ago the once again became frequent. I now have then at least once every two weeks. Each time the fever is accompanied by bad abdominal pain and diarrhea for several days. Since getting sick I had just thought this was part of the mystery illness, but I know now this is in fact a separate entity. Untreated it will eventually cause kidney failure. Treatment is a drug called Cochicine and is very effective for most people. I started the drug a few weeks ago and typical me … I cant tolerate it. It caused bad bad bad kidney pain and constant abdominal cramping. So I’m not yet sure what I will do with this, but its still on my radar for a short while. If a way to resolve it does not present itself soon I will just drop it and stop wasting time on something else I cannot fix.

The last thing I am planning on doing is one final experimental treatment. It is something that has given good results for a subset of people with ME/CFS and with a bit of organizing is not hard to do. I am not going to say yet what it is but once I start I will let you all know.

If it makes me sicker or does nothing then it’s the end of the line. No more treatments or research, I am just going to start trying to find ways to enjoy the small bits of wellness that I have.

I haven’t said everything I wanted to in this post but I have written all I can for now, and you have probably read all you can for now …

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014, what's the plan man?

Well I am writing this post as much for me as I am for you. I need to unmuddle all my thoughts so I can work out what to do next, and writing it out is the easiest way for me.

Since Christmas I have been in misery guts mode, moping around, woe is me and all of that. I had some bad news in regards to my current treatment plan for Lyme which probably meant I would not be able to continue down that path. My Dr had an unfortunate run in with the medical board and they banned him from treating and diagnosing Lyme. I do have enough of my current anti biotics to continue on for a few months, but as I said in my previous post I have had some problems with those medications and so I don’t feel comfortable continuing on without Dr support. It’s just too dangerous for me. I do believe that this mess with my Dr will be resolved in some round about way and I will be able to get back onto some form of treatment, but until then I need a plan ….. there must be other things I can work on in the meantime.

Firstly I think I should review facts. The things I know for sure. I had a serious chemical exposure leading up to my illness, this was confirmed by blood tests. These chemicals are fat soluble and so are hard for the body to eliminate. It is very likely these chemicals are still floating around in my organs and tissues. They cause neurological damage.  So I could be doing more work on that.

What else? Um …. I know that when I moved house a year ago I improved significantly very quickly. I am 99% convinced this was due to getting away from mould at the old place. It was severely water damaged and also had a flat tin roof with no ceiling cavity and apparently these are perfect breeding grounds for mould. I also know that I was tested and have a moderate mould allergy. But, I was never tested to see if I actually have mould in my blood etc. maybe I can investigate such a test. I can certainly look at ways to help remove mould and other mycotoxins from the body.

Hmm, that brings me to the next issue. Detox. I have known all along I have major problem with detox and methylation. I really need some proper testing in this area. There is a functional liver test which look at detox. The reason I haven’t had the test is because they give you caffeine and then the test looks to see how well or how fast you liver processes it. Caffeine is a big no no for me because I have POTS. Basically this means if I have caffeine my heart will go seriously bonkers. Also I know that even a tiny amount of caffeine makes me crash badly (a cup of tea for example) .. this in itself suggests my liver struggles to process it, which is exactly the point of the test. I am thinking maybe I just need to risk the heart thing and prepare to spend a week in bed recovering … I probably really need that test.

What else? Gut problems have always been a major player for me. I have had endoscopies, hydrogen breath tests etc and had some success, but some underlying problem is still a mystery. I haven’t had testing for leaky gut and people have been throwing that term at me for years. I can have a test for that.
the only other thing I can really think of is Amino Acids. I have never had these tested and have always suspected something wired going on there. So that is another test I can have.

Ok, so plan is to get more tests and then try and do some work on detox and gut mostly.

I have been sick 4 years now and it’s interesting that whatever this disease is it is still progressing. Symptoms are ever changing but rarely do I actually feel better, just different. I have more energy and muscle strength now, but way more pain and hot flushed/body temperature disegulation. I never knew there were so many different kinds of nausea and fatigue. As a well person you just think there is one type, but as a sick person who sees this everyday you realize there are many many different versions of these common symptoms. Very interesting, but total shit at the same time!

If anyone has experience with any of these tests or issues then your comments would be appreciated :)