Friday, November 1, 2013

Dropkick - Trapdoor

Well after the last few months of crappy health I finally have something positive and fun to share. Despite being sick I have been slowly chugging away at some music projects. Quite some time ago my UK internet buddy Cusp and I decided to have a go at writing some tunes together. We came up with a track called Trapdoor and once it was finished and recorded we thought it was actually pretty good. A fun track paying homage to 70's disco. We decided we'd like to release it and so we did a couple of remixes and we also got some other artists to do remixes. In total there are 8 very different versions on the EP.

The planets must have all aligned because once we had the 8 tracks a Dutch record label called Noisj said they would like to do a CD and digital download release of it. I think the label owners words were something like 'this is just to weird not to be heard' and 'I think there is a huge market out there for you'. Noisj usually sell electro music with a harder edge but they were so keen that they said they would start a new division to launch the EP. So the EP is coming out on the new sub-label 'N.R.G.T.C'.

The official release date for CD and digital download is 28th November 2013, but it is available NOW on pre-order. By pre-ordering you will help Noisj to get an idea of how many CD's to manurfacture. You can of course just pre order the digital download if you dont want a CD. Oh, also if you pre-order you will immediately get 2 tracks off the EP digitally. The EP will be available through itunes and Amazon etc after the 28th, but for pre-orders you need to go to this link -

We also have a fun video for Trapdoor -
The video features and was produced by artist Mitsi. B. Mitsi also painted the cover art for us. Her website is here -

If you are on facebook the please like the Dropkick page -

Lastly, please share this around ... aside from how much fun its been for Cusp and I to do this any money will make will will help with medical expenses etc.

Yaaahhhh !!!!!!!


  1. I'll second that Yaaaahhhh!!! Good on'ya LeeLee.

  2. Awesome, what a fun achievement! - Caron Murphy

  3. 'Too weird not to be heard' - absolutely love it!! And you say Cusp was involved? Hmmmm...sure that had nothing to do with it.

    Congratulations to you all, fabulous news.

  4. you and cusp together -- watch out world -- congrats

  5. What awesome, awesome news! I am soooo happy for your both! It doesn't seem that weird to me, but I guess that mostly reflects on me. Go you Dropkicks!!! ;-D

  6. Hey that's awesome! Love your track! On another positive, I initially had some benefit from plaquinil (if you're up to that yet). Hasn't been maintained (been) under a lot of stress but it was still positive so best of luck with that too!

    1. thank you! Im about to start the plaquenil ... eek! scary haha

  7. WOW!!! That is fabulous news - so exciting!! I had no idea you two had been working on this project. I have absolutely no musical talent at all, so I am very impressed.

    Have to go check out your video now.



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  8. i knew long before any dutchies that you two rocked it!! so excited for you!! hoping it takes off and really helps with both your medical expenses. if not - it must be wonderful to be involved in creating something you love. tons of success. whoot whoo!! xx