Friday, November 1, 2013

Dropkick - Trapdoor

Well after the last few months of crappy health I finally have something positive and fun to share. Despite being sick I have been slowly chugging away at some music projects. Quite some time ago my UK internet buddy Cusp and I decided to have a go at writing some tunes together. We came up with a track called Trapdoor and once it was finished and recorded we thought it was actually pretty good. A fun track paying homage to 70's disco. We decided we'd like to release it and so we did a couple of remixes and we also got some other artists to do remixes. In total there are 8 very different versions on the EP.

The planets must have all aligned because once we had the 8 tracks a Dutch record label called Noisj said they would like to do a CD and digital download release of it. I think the label owners words were something like 'this is just to weird not to be heard' and 'I think there is a huge market out there for you'. Noisj usually sell electro music with a harder edge but they were so keen that they said they would start a new division to launch the EP. So the EP is coming out on the new sub-label 'N.R.G.T.C'.

The official release date for CD and digital download is 28th November 2013, but it is available NOW on pre-order. By pre-ordering you will help Noisj to get an idea of how many CD's to manurfacture. You can of course just pre order the digital download if you dont want a CD. Oh, also if you pre-order you will immediately get 2 tracks off the EP digitally. The EP will be available through itunes and Amazon etc after the 28th, but for pre-orders you need to go to this link -

We also have a fun video for Trapdoor -
The video features and was produced by artist Mitsi. B. Mitsi also painted the cover art for us. Her website is here -

If you are on facebook the please like the Dropkick page -

Lastly, please share this around ... aside from how much fun its been for Cusp and I to do this any money will make will will help with medical expenses etc.

Yaaahhhh !!!!!!!