Sunday, September 1, 2013

Time for a slice of Lyme

 Just a quick post to say that after months of faffing around I am finally going to start treatment for Lyme Disease. My regular GP gave me Diflucan (antifungal) because of an ongoing systemic problem with yeast. I started that a few days ago and I am herxing quite badly on it. I spoke to my Lyme Dr this morning and he said that Diflucan is also a cyst buster, which means it kills the cyst form of Lyme and that could also explain the herx reaction. Once again he stated to me that he believes the only way forward for me is to get a PICC line and hit the Lyme hard. But, my parents are going away in October for a week or so and I am fed up with having to postpone treatment, so the Dr and I agreed that I should start now with a very small dose of oral Minocycline and just see what happens. If I can tolerate it I can stay on it until Mum and Dad return from their trip and then we can re-asses whether to put in the PICC or not. If I cannot tolerate the Minocycline I can just stop it and we will go for the PICC when Mum and Dad return. Aside from general herx which will be unavoidable regardless of if I do PICC or oral my main concern is how my gut handles the abx ... and this is why the Dr is suggesting the PICC, so that we bypass the gut. Makes sense so I imagine that we will have to go down that road at some point.

Anyway, patience is a virtue ... or some crap like that !!


  1. Make sure you up your probiotics (and rotate them) if you haven't already and just look at ways to detox realistically - ways that are within your power to do.

    I can't manage too much with all the feeling like shit and all that... so we just do our best.

    Love xoxox

  2. Yep agree with Marzi. Slowly slowly catch the monkey ! ...and get hold of some proper Milk Thistle. Herbal stuff can be very supportive in these situations x

  3. Lee Lee-How are you doing?

    I agree with the comments above. Go slow and don't push yourself through a herx. Those of us at the severe and moderately severe level have to go slower than others because our bodies are more fragile. My LLMD said its important to not overstress the body.

    Also, detox is so important.

    I also took Diflucan and had a huge herx. I started calling it DiFLUcan! HaHa.

    Detoxing and herxing can cause issues with mood. Feel free to PM me on facebook if you ever need to talk...