Monday, September 16, 2013

Abx are go !!

Today I took my first Minocycline antibiotic for Lyme. I am starting very slow and low. Half dose - 25mg and just taking it every 3 days. As soon as I can handle that I will start increasing dose and frequency. I know to expect a bad hex reaction ..... I guess tomorrow all will be revealed ... just how good or bad it's likely to be.

If i just cannot tolerate (quite possible because of my sensitive gut) then I will stop and instead try Bicillin injections. This will take the gut out of the equation and will also lessen any negative effects on my liver.

As a side note, I started Diflucan just after my last post. This was supposed to be in preparation for the Minocycline. I wanted to make sure any yeast/candida was under control before starting. I did have a herx reaction the first day or two, but not bad, and then I got horribly sick ... which was I think my liver saying Nooooo! I had to stop, just couldn't handle it. So will have to come up with a plan B for that.

Anyway, wish me luck ... I will probably need it :O


  1. Hi Lee, it's Alison. We went to high school together and sometimes walked home together. I've been reading up on you and your illnesses and have cried tears for you these last few days. I'm not computer savy, but would like to try to catch up and if at all you can tolerate it, I would love to visit you sometime.
    I've watched your Hot2go videos and admired your strength during your loss of Robert and your health issues.
    My computer hard drive died on the weekend and I can only use my phone to message you at the moment.
    I just don't know the best way to contact you without giving you my mobile number or home number without advertising it to everyone.
    I really would like to reconnect with you and laugh over old times and bitch about life!
    I hope you get this message and please take care with your new treatment.
    I'm thinking of you and wishing you well, Ali

  2. Wishing you all the best Lee Lee. At least you are moving/lurching forward and not heading down hill. Just remember when you are herxing, find an affirmation. Mine was "die you bastards, die"

  3. I'm so glad you're starting slow Lee Lee. Water and fresh lemons helped a bit with detox. I'm thinking maybe your body is needing to get rid of some toxins.

    I'm glad you decided to stop the Diflucan. There's a herbal tincture sold here in the US called A-FNG (it's not what it sounds like, haha). It's a gentler form of tackling fungal issues. I still had a herx just from that.

  4. wishing you loads of luck. i want nothing for you but the best of health. as far as illnesses go - we are twins. meh. much love and funky chickens. xx

  5. good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck!

  6. Hi Lee Lee, it's Alison again. I keep checking this blog to see how you are going. Thinking of you daily and hoping you arent suffering too much with the new medication.
    If you ever want to email me you can on:
    I still use my married name for the sake of my children but to help you remember who I am my surname was Vidler.
    Would love to hear from you soon.
    Take care, Ali