Saturday, April 7, 2012

More shit I'm afraid

Firstly HAPPY EASTER everyone, I hope you are all enjoying time with your families or friends.

Now, on to business …. As sick as I am and as sick as I have been there is someone in my life who is sicker. My friend Amara also has ME/CFS and despite her cheery online presence she is in a very bad way right now. Amara has been sick for a long time and has nearly died on more than one occasion. Her latest symptom from hell is called dystonia. It’s a neurological symptom which has devastating effects on the central nervous system. Having been ill for so long Amara’s financial situation is also pretty dire which is devastating in it’s own way because she desperately need a whole bunch of new tests which will run into the thousands. She cannot afford to wait the many months that it will take to save the money required. Some of her friends and family have set up a facebook group called Aid for Amara to try and raise some dollars for her. Its going great guns but more money is needed.

ANY kind of donation will be a help so if you have a couple of dollars left after Easter then PLEASE pass them on to Amara. You can donate directly here -

If you are wondering why am I making such a fuss the please watch this short video of Amara, and make sure you watch it until the end.

If I can afford to help Amara then you can afford to give something too … Please don’t be a scrooge, show some compassion and lend a hand.