Monday, January 2, 2012

Reducing toxic load

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what things are possibly affecting me in a negative way and what kind of positive changes I can make. It‘s become clear to me that I am overloaded with all sorts of toxins and the number one step is to avoid the offending substances where possible, the number two step is to detox whatever I can. So here is what I have come up with:

I know I have a really heavy toxic load from Solvents. I have done lots of reading about this and it seems the only real thing I can do is to slowly detox through diet. For someone not as sick as me saunas or FIR saunas and exercise would also help. There are some supplements such as Glycene, Taurine and Cysteine which help but I’d prefer to try and get as much as I can with food because at this point in time I tend to react to any new medications including supplements.

I have amalgam fillings in my mouth, which means mercury. Nothing I can do about this now but maybe in the future if I am well enough to get to a dentist I could have them replaced.

Food allergy/intolerances. I have been gluten free, dairy free and low sugar for quite some time but I still have gut issues. I have managed to clear up helicobactor pylori, bacterial overgrowth and candida .. but still something odd is going on. I believe that it’s actually part of the autonomic dysfunction that goes along with ME/CFS. So if I can improve my overall health then maybe this will also improve.

I drink water out of the tap which has fluoride, chlorine and other nasties in it. So, I have just ordered a good quality water filter. I never really thought much about this one but I recently heard someone say that because we are made up mostly of water it’s important that the quality of water we put in our bodies is clear from nasties … makes perfect sense!

Pesticides. I don’t eat organic meat, fruit and veggies because they are sooo expensive, but I am going to try and stuffle my budget a little so I can start to do this where possible. Also I bought some seeds for veggies that are easy to grow in pots, so maybe I can produce some safe veggies at home.

Chemicals at home. I have already taken care of this as much as I can. No chemical cleaning products or paints etc sitting around anywhere. My cleaner just uses vinegar and bicard soda. I assume there are chemicals in my toothpaste that I could eliminate, but one thing at a time …

I don’t think I have any mould anywhere at home, so that is taken care of.

Aside from taking these steps to clean myself up I have been looking REALLY closely at diet so I can start to eat in a way that will promote elimination of free radicals and will support mitochondrial, brain and CNS function I have been reading Terry Wahls book ‘Minding My Mitochondria’. It’s a very interesting and insightful read and I will talk about this in my next post.


  1. Lee Lee, I too am gay (well, a lesbian) and mostly housebound.

    I had childhood onset of ME/CFS and the biggest trigger in my life were environmental toxins. As a kid, that was mainly cigarette smoke. Over time, it became clear that solvents were a killer. Meaning, they'd make me bedridden for 3 to 6 weeks more quickly than cigarette smoke (unless I went to a bar that was thick with smoke and then that would work as quickly as paint). Also, when one's immunity goes south, allergies pick up. Cats could make me as sick as paint. Cleaning up the chemicals in my environment was one of the ways I managed this illness; it's probably the only reason I got to age 48 before becoming totally disabled.

    Well, I was actually headed for total disability at age 34 after a paint exposure left me with exhaustion that would not lift. Then, I allowed myself to be repeatedly exposed to pesticides (so afraid of the cockroaches in my apartment was I). Turns out, my immune system went on a real rip, though I was no more exhausted, which resulted in my dropping weight very quickly because I could eat no foods that had much in the way of carbs in them. Losing fat quickly from fat cells dumps pesticides and other toxins. After the terribly symptoms, lasting about 8 months, I felt better than I had my entire adult life.

    Then, I sunk my health getting steroid injections to hold off some reactions to accidental exposures to paint. Finally, the illness overtook me at 48 and I'm mostly home bound at 56 (after spending a good deal of time on and off as bed bound).

    I think the illness compromises our ability to rid our body of toxins (more true perhaps for a certain subset than for all). Anything that helps helps. I've been doing the SCDiet because it fits nicely with what Mierlier discovered about food sensitivities (and it sounds like you are doing a lot of that). I have found a toothpaste without fluoride here in the states, and some just use salt and baking soda (without the aluminum of course).

    You might also need to salt your water like some of us do. (That is, some of us, don't seem to be able to regulate sodium like we ought.)

    There's so much to keep up with that it's a full-time job... now, if only I were capable of managing that full-time job.

    Best to you, Claire

  2. Thanks very much Claire ... wow, what a trooper you are to have been sick all these years and to still be kicking on!! Well done! Thanks for sharing your take on things :)

  3. Hi Lee Lee! Here is my post on reducing toxic loading. I blog anonymously for various reasons so please keep that in mind if you cross post anything just don't use my real name. Thx!

    Some thoughts on going organic on the cheap. I don't know about where you live but they do all sorts of nasties to our meat here in the US. Make sure what you eat has been out grazing on grass or is free range. Here in the US even organic meat doesn't mean that it is grass fed and free range only that it hasn't been shot up with drugs. Same with the eggs, they need to be free range chickens. You don't have to eat a lot of meat just make sure it is high quality. I noticed a huge improvement in my brain function when I switched to grass fed/free range/organic/certified human meats. I mail order mine since there is nothing available locally. I ran out once and got some supermarket meat and felt the difference right away. Ugh. Expensive but worth it.

    As far as fruits and veg, you only need to replace the so called dirty dozen (the ones that they use the most pesticides on) with organic:

  4. Leelee
    Try to get wonderful book by PHD MD david hawkins "healing and recovery" all 99%chronic ilnesses like MS,cancer,FM. CFIDS Parkinson etc is created by years of listening reading watching hearing thru belief system which of course is brain
    Brain regulates everything ANS, digestion, immune etc
    We know only 8% how brain works rest is unknown
    Its really great reading

  5. I was just talking to my doctor about toxin load. He recommended a supplement made by bodybio called phosphytidal choline. He sent me samples and they packed a punch but they are also pretty expensive.

    It's amazing how much we have to pay just to reduce the toxin load on our bodies!

  6. Hi Lee,

    I was reading on one of your other posts that you were looking into Amy Yasko's protocol. Did you get as far as doing the methylation panel?

    If not, may I make a suggestion, if you haven't done so already, that you ask your doctor for a MTHFR gene test. This may explain your problems with toxicity and does have a relatively simple treatment.

    Kind regards,