Saturday, June 11, 2011

Someone needs a SMACK IN THE MOUTH!

This whole XMRV debate has me wanting to smack someone in the mouth!! Aaaahhhh!!!!
I’m not a Doctor or a Scientist but I do have common sense, and even blind Freddie could see that the big wigs are just playing silly buggers with us. Regardless of whether XMRV is THE major player or not I am 100% convinced that it does exist in people with ME/CFS. The thing that makes no sense to me is why anyone would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing ill thought out worthless studies.

If Dr Judy can find it and the likes of CDC etc cannot, then why don’t they just invite her to supervise a study in THEIR lab? Dr Judy could show the idiots step by step how to do the replication AND if it were in their lab it would be hard for them to argue contamination.

As far as I am aware no one is saying it doesn’t exist in prostate cancer patients, so why don’t they stop faffing around trying to find it in our blood and start using tissue biopsies in their studies?

If XMRV doesn’t exist in ME/CFS patients then how can it be explained that some people who are trialing antiretrovirals like Dr Deckoff-Jones are getting well?

Seriously people, stop fucking around with our lives and try using your pea sized brains to actually do something useful !!!!