Monday, February 21, 2011

Choose Life

Sounds simple enough, I choose life! At this stage of the game I do but in all honesty I am starting to wonder how long I am going to be able to continue to make that choice. The last few weeks I have found myself spending a lot of time considering just what life is to me and what rights I feel I have over it. I know that I have been fortunate enough to have lived a life that has brought me great happiness and I have done extraordinary things, but … I have also suffered unbelievable losses and sadness. At this age of 42 I feel like I have experienced significantly more than most my age. I have already ticked off everything on my bucket list. With this in mind I have been asking myself if it would be wrong of me to terminate my life if I found myself in a position where I no longer felt happiness or sense of purpose. It’s a difficult question but the only answer I can come up with is no, it wouldn’t be wrong. The sticking point for me is the pain it would cause Mum and Dad and Michael. I have felt that pain myself first hand I don’t think I could give that to them in good conscience. It’s such a dilemma. When a family pet suffers we consider that the kind and loving thing to do is to euthanize the animal. Why do we not offer our loved ones the same respect? It’s not fair.

I have chosen to write this post not because I am currently contemplating suicide but because I am sure that most of us who are severely effected must at some stage address the issue. It’s such a taboo subject and we really need to talk about it. I am really interested to hear other peoples perspectives, so please leave your comments.

On a more cheery note … the Art 4 XMRV project has had great interest. Thanks to all the artists who have contributed work and to all the people who have already purchased cards. Please keep it in mind and pass it along when you can … the more cards we sell the more money we can raise for the WPI’s research. If you have no idea what I am rambling on about then please read my previous post. Cheers!