Monday, November 21, 2011

A Helping Hand

I am REALLY sick at the moment and I need some help with something important so I have decided to be brave and just ask. Like many of you I hate asking for help, it’s humiliating .. but I have no choice really.

A while ago I discovered that my ME/CFS was caused by a chronic exposure to solvents in my old job. I am entitled to lodge a compensation claim though ‘Workcover’ but I have to solidly prove my case. My exposure to the chemicals or the fact that I now have very high levels in my blood is not in question, the issue is actually proving that this is what caused my ME/CFS. What I need to do is find some good evidence by way of research reports, preferably peer reviewed and published that show a link between ME/CFS and solvents or chemicals in some cases. Also I am hoping to find some ‘experts’ who can write a report for me stating their professional opinions about a link between solvents and ME/CFS. This could be people like Dr’s, researchers or scientists.

So what I am asking is that anyone who has the energy and time and is up to the challenge please do some googling for me and see what you can find. Like I said research papers or email addresses of suitable Dr’s, scientists etc who I can write to.

I would just prefer to do this myself but I am too sick to be spending more than a few minutes online at a time and I have a deadline of about January to have my whole case ready …

I appreciate any help offered but totally understand if no one is in a position to help at this stage. I hope you are all doing ok.



  1. Hi Lee Lee, I will do my best. We miss you. XXX

  2. I will check with my old contacts at Uni, Lee. With the usual caveats!!


  3. Also sick at the moment .... Painting major/Uof Hartford...poorly ventilated/over crowded classrooms in late sixties untill migrains won and had to leave .... never had a clue then (A'S in sculpture fumes...went into graphics and photo....mega solvents..etc / cannot go near any without blood pressure drops..etc.. of my personal favorites
    acetone, hexane, heptane or toluene -
    If I get some energy ... should spend some time seeing latest info..

  4. i hope to be able to find something for you LL. the dr who put me in remission was a fellow at the academy of environmental sciences. i'm going there.
    sending love and prayers your way. xx

  5. Hey honey, good on you for asking, it is hard, but worth it. I'm a bit fragile, so no good to you right now, but hopefully soon. I'll think on ideas anyway. Big love, Marzi xoxo

  6. You might also try Google Scholar to see if you can find anything there.

  7. was going to say exactly what marzi did - good on you for asking. i did have quite a look around when this first came up for you and had trouble finding much that was ME-specific. will have another look around though and maybe see if i can use family accounts to access some scientific journals plus have a trawl of pubmed etc. sounds like you have a few people on the case now, so fingers xed. lots of love to you...

  8. Read up on MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and if you have the energy to take on an email List I highly recommend the Immune List:

    It's based in US, but I think there may be at least one active Auzzie on it, and at least one active UK member too. Very helpful people, friendly List.

    What solvents were you exposed to? It's something that I've had to look into in the past, it's just possible I can lay my hands on papers that are in my piles of papers that need to be sorted while we're moving house...

    email zen 38947 at zen dot co dot uk (remove first space and the usual other stuff) or get in touch on FB.

    No guarantees I can help, but I'm willing to have a go! ;-)

  9. Have you checked out Community for people with Environmental Illness. A lot of people who have probably gone through what you are going through, hopefully someone there can help guide you in the right direction.