Monday, November 21, 2011

A Helping Hand

I am REALLY sick at the moment and I need some help with something important so I have decided to be brave and just ask. Like many of you I hate asking for help, it’s humiliating .. but I have no choice really.

A while ago I discovered that my ME/CFS was caused by a chronic exposure to solvents in my old job. I am entitled to lodge a compensation claim though ‘Workcover’ but I have to solidly prove my case. My exposure to the chemicals or the fact that I now have very high levels in my blood is not in question, the issue is actually proving that this is what caused my ME/CFS. What I need to do is find some good evidence by way of research reports, preferably peer reviewed and published that show a link between ME/CFS and solvents or chemicals in some cases. Also I am hoping to find some ‘experts’ who can write a report for me stating their professional opinions about a link between solvents and ME/CFS. This could be people like Dr’s, researchers or scientists.

So what I am asking is that anyone who has the energy and time and is up to the challenge please do some googling for me and see what you can find. Like I said research papers or email addresses of suitable Dr’s, scientists etc who I can write to.

I would just prefer to do this myself but I am too sick to be spending more than a few minutes online at a time and I have a deadline of about January to have my whole case ready …

I appreciate any help offered but totally understand if no one is in a position to help at this stage. I hope you are all doing ok.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Art 4 Who?

Quite some time ago I set up the ‘Art 4 XMRV’ project. The idea was that artists and crafty people could contribute their images and I would post them on our Redbubble site for sale as gift cards, prints, shirts etc. All the money raised would be donated to support ME/CFS research. The project has been quite successful in both giving our creative community an outlet for their work and also helping to raise some much needed funds.

Due to the recent developments with XMRV and the Whittemore Peterson Institute I have decided to re-brand Art 4 XMRV to Art 4 ME. It’s more general and inclusive and seems to please more people. We were donating all profits to the WPI but because the community is now very divided I feel the best thing to do is to just simply ask where you all think the money should go?

So, please leave a comment with your suggestion for who we should now donate out profits too. We don’t make a lot of money so unfortunately we will have to just choose one organization to support rather than splitting the money between several.

Due to annoying restrictions on facebook, the only way I could change the name there was to delete a whole bunch of people (you can only change the name of a page if it has less than 100 members). So, PLEASE go back to our facebook page and see if you are still a member or not and ‘like’ the page if need be. It’s a good way to see when new work is added or when we have specials or other info to tell you. The facebook page is here - (yes the url still says art4xmrv but the page itself is now Art 4 ME).

Coming up to Christmas we are trying to encourage all artists to contribute images suitable for Christmas cards, so if you have something then please get in touch. We will also be adding a few Calendars for sale in time for the New Year.

Finally, you can find the new Art 4 ME site here -

P.S. don’t forget to leave your message with suggestions for who we should donate our money to!