Thursday, August 11, 2011

Busy busy busy

It’s been an outrageously busy time for me. Some good and some not so good. A good bit was my birthday! I had been dreading the day as it approached because it felt like it marked a year wasted, a year of being totally housebound and lonely etc, but when the day finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised by long missed feelings of genuine joy and contentment. I received numerous cards, gifts and well wishes and it made the day feel like a birthday should. It inspired me to stop moping around and get on with whatever I could. So … busy busy busy.

I have been planning on moving house since last year because my current home is up 3 flights of stairs and it’s impossible for me to navigate them, so I am trapped. Before I can even start to plan for this I have some things to take care of … and now they are all nearly done!! I had to do my tax so I know exactly how much money I have to play with, I had to do a few minor fix it jobs such as touch up paint and replace a skirting board and a light fixture and I had to get some wooden shelves ripped out of my garage because they had been attacked by white ants. The jobs are now 95% done. Yah for me!!! My Dad helped with most of work and getting it all sorted was a far bigger task in my mind than it reality. It was a good lesson.

During all this I finally had a visit from a podiatrist to look at my poor feet. The good news is that I am not in any immediate danger of losing toes. She said that the lack or circulation is temporary and intermittent so as along as I make an effort to keep the blood flowing then everything will be ok. She suggested some simple exercises I can do whilst sitting and the added benefit is that by doing these my balance should also improve. The not so good part was that she said the burning pain is neuro and not foot related as such so there was nothing she could do.

The bad stuff is made up mostly of frustrating situations. Since getting the test results for Solvents toxicity I have been trying to find a Doctor who has some experience in this area who will consult with me. It has proven to be an impossible task because I am housebound. Legally a Doctor can only do phone consultations if the patient has first been into the Doctors office for an initial evaluation. The only other option is a Doctor who does housecalls and it seems no one with any experience in anything of value will do this. So I am stuck … The toxic exposure occurred in my old work place so I need to lodge a Workcover claim but I cannot do this without a Doctor providing an official diagnosis and I also wont be guided/treated by someone with adequate knowledge in this field. Really frustrating.
The other bad thing looming is that I need to go and have a scan done. My stomach issues still have not resolved and I am now concerned that perhaps I have an aortic aneurysm. Leaving the house pretty much guarantees me a major crash but I simply have no choice. I will be speaking to my regular Doctor this afternoon about this so I will post more when I know more …

Busy busy busy!


  1. I am glad things are moving for you Lee Lee even if a bit slower than you'd hoped for. Happy to hear that you keep your toes :)x

  2. I hope you can come up with some solution. You have been on my mind and I really hope you can sort this out. Seems so strange to me that it is near impossible to get a dr to visit you. Has to be a better way. The people who need medical care the most aren't getting it.
    Fingers crossed for you xxxxx

  3. Oh Lee Lee! Progress - any progess is always so wonderful. I'm glad you dad helped you with those projects!

    And I am sooooo glad about your feet. That was a scary thing for me when I read about what was going on with your feet. I'm glad that - other than pain - that is resolved as well.

    The doctor that not the biggest pain in the behind? Ugh. I have wondered for a while, "what happened to the days when doctors would do home visits or provide quality care?"

    I hope today is a great day for you my friend. You are in inspiration to me.

  4. Your reaction to your Birthday is nice....also very familiar. I seem to dread them as they mark another year where I feel like I've just layed in bed and done doesn't help that I got sick initially right after my Birthday....I'm glad that feeling got changed around for you a little.

    Interesting about the feet. They looked so bad I was worried. I'm glad you had a podiatrist look and them and even offer suggestions.

    Best of luck with the Dr. bussiness. I hope you don't crash too hard.

    Also, I found getting a ground floor home while not huge, helped some with energy expenditure. I hope the transition goes smoothly...take it slow.