Friday, July 8, 2011

Volatile Solvents, my needle in a haystack!

Wow, what a day! Today I think I found the needle in a haystack ... the cause of my ME/CFS!!!
Since getting ill 18 months ago I have spent what little energy I have on searching for answers. I have spent thousands of dollars on every test my Doctor recommended as well as any others that seemed plausible. Every time I would get a new test I would eagerly await the results hoping I would test positive for something, but they always would come back negative ... Until now!

I have tested positive for Volatile Solvents!!

Before getting ill I had been working as a graphic designer for a signage company. I sat in a small office with poster printer which ran solvent inks. The machine stank and everyone in the building frequently moaned about it. In terms of health and safety regulations the machine should have been in its own space with extractor fans etc but instead it was just plonked near my desk. Several years of this situation has obviously caused some serious exposure issues.
The little reading I have done so far confirms that this type of exposure causes neurological damage and results in many symptoms I currently have such as, muscle atrophy, dysautonomia, mitochondrial failure, heart problems, brain fog, memory loss, brain damage of various kinds, fatigue, headache, dizziness, impaired vision, muscle weakness, loss of sensation, balance problems, all the typical ME/CFS stuff …
I believe it is possible to detox to a degree with the help of glycine and sulphates – amino acids but I need to look into that further. I have read that a lot of the damage is most likely permanent unfortunately.
Anyway, lots more reading to do now. Anyone who knows anything about this PLEASE leave me a comment. It‘s great to have a diagnosis, shame is a crappy one!

Oh and if you are interested to read more yourself then have a look at the lab that did my test -

And here are my test results, if you click the image you will see a large version.


  1. excited to read that there seem to be some options for detoxing - and glad all the detective work paid off at last and you're feeling good about it. XXOO

    (fantastic photo!)

  2. Satisfying to find that needle. I have already said, but I am really hoping you find something that will reverse the damage and you get to venture outside your front door once again. I can imagine relief being one of the emotions you feel about this find. Now at least you can concentrate on what to do about it. XXXX

  3. come visit me when you are well .i am so pleased you have direction .

  4. and may not have ME after all

  5. A truly double-edged sword . . . it must be great to have the answer - finally - but dealing with it, well, that's another thing, and the start of a new quest . . . The only thing I know about de-toxing is the FIR (far infra-red) sauna. I'm not sure which toxins it helps with and can't look today (foggy day!). It helps move toxins (I think) from where they are stored in body fat, so that they can be flushed out in urine / sweat. I've recently got one, and used it a couple of times, but it makes me feel really rough, especially affecting my legs, so I'm waiting till I'm a bit more "balanced" to try again. Dr Myhill has some info on her website. So sorry that you've got the toxicity problem . . . keep trusting that there will be a solution xx

  6. I've recently discovered essential oils. I think they have some that are helpful for detoxifying. It's one of the reasons why I've added them to my regimen. Good luck with your new direction!

  7. Agree re fir-sauna. Dr M is real advocate for that and you can buy them on EBay. Also really think that clay baths and drinking clay (special sort .....dont just dig in the garden) could be very helpful. There are different detox regimes for difft poisons ...e.g. the detoxs for heavy metals are difft from those for solvents, phosphates etc but I do believe if you can find s.o. who knows what they're talking about then it is poss to limit the damage, do some repair work and progress to a life that is healthier and more fulfilling than the one you have now. At least you do seem to have found that 'needle'.

    Might want to follow up the links I sent. If I find any more I'll fwd them unless you ask me not to...dont want to overload. Think you also must try and cleanse the flat and be rigorous re food, cleaning agents, materials in apartment

    Always here to listen and support you x

  8. Thanks everybody ... still processing all of this but all suggestions are greatly appreciated :-)

  9. Gosh... Yes Dr M in the UK has good info on her site on how to get started. Also see the canary report. I have tried a number of things over the years (i have MCS too)and in my experience it's important to reach a certain level of stability before starting a detox process + have a good 'Environmental Medecine' doctor for guidance. I cleared out home and body- furniture, electromagnetic appliances, etc diet + i make my own body and cleaning products etc. Makes a big difference. Each case is so individual, avoidance and intuition are key. There is a lot of info out there and I'll be happy to share my experience if you want more details.
    Good to hear you've got some answers, I know the feeling...

  10. i am excited for you lee lee! i think you are well aware that i totally credit my 'Environmental Specialist' doc w/ putting me in to remission for many years. i was also full of solvents which i recovered 80% from. i will be happy to share the wealth of info i know - but do not wish to bore you w/ that which you already know. i am here - use me:)

  11. Thanks for this ... I also worked with chemicals (lacquer, varnish, and at a printing shop.) Always suspected chemical involvement with the ME (or whatever ... ) I once used "Chemet" which they use for lead poisoning ... felt much better for a while, and then was exposed to more chemicals while remodeling a house. (Also the mercury, etc. in dental fillings-- all removed!-- but found out it is also in dental crowns.)
    ANyway-- thanks for the post-- good luck! keep us posted!