Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raynauds?. Yucky

This is just a quick post. I think I mentioned some time ago about about having burning/numb feet and hands. This has stayed the same in my hands but is getting worse in my feet. I also still have fungus under my toe nails which is icky. From what I have read Peripheral Neuropathy is the reason that diabetics sometimes have to get limbs amputated. Clearly I have a circulation problem. Wondering if anyone has any advice? My fingers stay wrinkly like this all day everyday and my toes are really red and sore and are blistering too .... sad state of affairs I'm afraid. They do seem to be a little better if I can keep them warm but it's an impossible task most of the time. Anyway sorry for the gross photo but really thought people should see this!

It's a few days since I posted this about my feet and fingers and I have now talked with my Dr and he says the red swollen toes are RAYNAUDS as suggested by Kirsten in the comments. My Dr is arranging for a podiatrist to come and see me and hopefully find a way to help the situation


  1. Actually lack of circulation is what causes most diabetic amputations due to improper wound healing that gets nasty. My bestie has pretty severe diabetes,so I get the straight poop from her concerning what goes on with it.

    The neuropathy just plain blows.

  2. Thanks Siobhan. Here is an interesting article about it

  3. OK if you're NOT taking antibiotics you may want to consider Tea Tree oil soaks. It's so strongly anti-fungal that even Tea tree toothpaste will make AB's not work.

    Alternately, hot water with a goodly amount of sea salt and vinegar will usually clear fungal things.

    Worth a try perhaps

  4. I have tried the tea tree oil and it was helping but part of my problem is I cant reach my feet without feeling like i am going to faint so its to hard .. but I'm not so worried about the fungul part of it, it's the dead toes that worries me! Might see about getting a podiatrist to come and have a look.

  5. the dead toes are worrying me too - raynaud's syndrome was the first thing that came to mind (not sure if i am spelling right and will have to google to see if it's a possibility). with the tea tree, can you sit in bed with your feet up and do it like that maybe??

  6. Oh yes Raynauds! yes could be!

  7. Could be Raynaud's - I believe it has been linked to ME but can't remember off-hand who did the research. We have both in our family. Might be worth googling. Seems as though warmth is essential - footwarmers / blankets / warm water soaks etc. Can you get help from someone to do this? Hope so . . . take care x

  8. Hi Lee Lee, When was the last time you had a full blood test.
    If you have trouble getting socks on your feet, wear slip on uggies or cotton socks synthetic materials are unreliable. I sleep uggies sometimes, try and keep them warm. Be careful with what oils you apply as the skin is tender try not to break the skin, until you get it diagnosed just keep them warm. We with RA Lupus Autoimmune Disease suffer from this,Raynauds blood circulation, can cause different colours on fingers & toes,the skin may turn white and then blue for a short time. As blood flow returns, the affected areas may turn red and throb, tingle, burn, or feel painfully numb.
    I would be interested to know what meds you're on. Riot XXX's

  9. Poor old tootsies :O( Does look a bot lids but like Reynauds but you do need to see s.o. Looks more circulatory-related to me than anything else. When son needed to soak his toe we put plug over shower plughole and filled with water and tea tree...didnt have to bend then etc

  10. sorry about the feet. They look really painful/bad. Have you showed them to your Doc?

    I don't have any advice to give...but sending some empathy your way.

  11. I've been recently introduced to essential oils, and I highly recommend tea tree oil (melaleuca) for the fungus and cypress oil and lemongrass to help with circulation. For best results, you need to get a good, pure oil. I use doTerra at . I use them because I believe they're the best, and they're independently tested for purity. Other good oils would be Be Young and Young Living.

  12. Thanks Shelli, I spoke to my Dr this morning and he said the red toes is Raynauds ... so yes circulation! I will have a look at the oils you suggested :-)

  13. Hi!

    I have the same thing. Neuropathy in fingers and feet. Really throught the body as well. And I've got CFS.

    You can try to take a MetaMetrix test. I think this problem originates from the gut, because I have the same thing. And mine is gut related. Check (many CFS patients there).

  14. Oh, so sorry you are going through yet another awful set of symptoms, Lee Lee. It sounds as though you have found some answers, though, and that is always exciting, isn't it? I hope by now, you have gotten some help and are trying treatments.

    Thinking of you -


  15. Hey.

    I have Raynaud's as well and I find that if I keep my head warm I can avoid exacerbating the condition. In the summer this is a bit tricky, but it only tends to happen in the summer if I'm going from warm to AC and then back again. Especially in grocery stores. So many different problems with grocery stores. I'm going to hire a personal shopper. I wish.

    Anyway, from Sept ~ June you'll find me in a ski hat whilst at home. From Sept - April I wear long underwear underneath my clothes. It really has helped curb the problem.

    Funny story: when I was in high school I was on the varsity volleyball team and during a playoff final both of my feet went dead on me. So, the coach called a time-out, as I was the main setter and we took a look at my feet: both were corpse white from toe to heel. What to do? Well, first my coach said: what the Hell is wrong with your feet! Then he asked if anyone on the team had brought a hairdryer to the out of town event and sure enough someone had brought one. My coach used up all our time~outs fixing the situation. My feet in his lap while he shot warm air at them and my teammates chanted in a huddle around us. It was quite hilarious. But, it worked! Didn't know it was Raynaud's then.

    Good luck. Great blog btw.

  16. haha thanks jenji, so all I need to do is keep my hair dryer on!!

  17. Have you tried nail polish!

    Just kidding, looks nasty in a painful sort of way.

    Two things occur to me (yes I'm on a roll today)

    1. for circulation and keepiing them warm, you can buy online wheat bags shaped for feet (I thought about this for when mine turn into ice blocks).

    2. If it's fungal, try 1/2 meths and water or 1/2 white vinegar and water. We use that in my family (yes we are bonkers too, thanks for your comment on my xmrv blog) for everything fungal - athletes foot, swimmers ears and I'll stop there.

    Good luck sorting this out, hope it passes soon.

    :) Kiwikchat

  18. Did the poediatrist help at all? What would I poediatrist do with regards to Rayanouids? Just curious. Hope that you're found some relief from this Lee lee.

  19. hi there
    my fingers look like this. I have raunauds phenomenon (not syrndrome) and ME. The ME is not properly dx (only CFS).

    I am sensitive to petrochemicals which I believe are solvents.

    I can't often leave the house but am glad I live on the flat....that is terrible about the ambulance but good that you had your father.

  20. Did you ever get an answer as to why your fingertips wrinkle?