Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art 4 XMRV

Several weeks ago I started work on a project to help raise money for the Whittemore Peterson Institutes research into XMRV. By now most of you will know all about XMRV. If you don’t then have a look at the WPI website

My project is called ‘Art 4 XMRV’. The idea is that creative people who live with CFS/ME can contribute artwork which will then be placed on our website for sale as cards and prints. 100% of the profits will then be donated to the Whittemore Peterson Institute. It’s a bit of fun and an easy way for many of us to feel like we are actually doing something positive.

If you fancy yourself as an artist or photographer then please email me at You are initially welcome to contribute up to 5 images, please also include titles for these and a short paragraph about your life with CFS/ME. The project will be ongoing so you will be welcome to submit more work down the track.

If you are not the artsy type but would still like to help then you can do this by helping promote us. There are 2 ways to do this. You can post links to our facebook community page - and suggest that people ‘like’ us and you can also post links to the actual site where the artwork is for sale -

We already have a good number of artists involved and some great artwork for sale … all we need now is to start promoting and start making some sales!!!

It’s pretty clear at this stage that the Whittemore Peterson Institute is the best chance we have of finding a cure or real treatment for CFS/ME so let’s do what we can to help keep them afloat.