Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sorry to say but its back to the whiney complaining version of me today. About two weeks ago I finished the treatment I was taking to get rid of the Helicobacter Pylori that I had recently discovered. Helicobacter causes stomach ulcers and is known also to be implicated in chronic illness of many types. The treatment is a week long triple cocktail and by the last couple of days my gut problems were fading away and I was feeling pretty great. But … within a few days my symptoms of diarrhea, burning pain and all over ‘hit by a truck’ feeling were back. During this time I had also had a parasite – Blastocystis. Anyway, after another week of suffering I got re-tested to see if the parasite was still there. I didn’t get re-tested to see if the Helicobacter was gone because you have to wait four weeks before you re-tested for that. So,the parasite was gone but I was still feeling TERRIBLE.
I emailed my Dr and explained how I was feeling and said that I figured the Helicobacter must still be there. My Dr emailed me back saying he will write me a script for Nexium which is a drug that inhibits stomach acid. The theory is that just because the Helicobacter is gone doesn’t mean that the damage it did is gone. It may have caused an ulcer or at the very least inflammation. Stomach acid would certainly be irritating that so the Nexium should reduce the acid so that the damaged tissue can heal. Sounds great in theory but HOW BLOODY LONG is that gonna take. I have been taking the Nexium for 5 days and I am still in lots of pain and just feel shit really. The diarrhea had stopped but I wouldn’t say things are normal in that department. I do think that fixing my gut is not going to be a quick and easy process. I am certain that there are other things going on there that also need to be addressed. I still have the chronic pancreatitis issue and in the last 6 – 8 weeks I have noticed a large lump in what I think would be my ascending colon. This could be a number of things … tumour – possible but unlikely because the lump comes and goes each day, it could be a spot where icky bacteria builds up each day – quite possible, it could just be a stretched bit where stuff getting digested collects – also possible, or lastly it’s a hideous ALIEN waiting to burst out of my stomach and run a muck aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Hahahaha.
I have an appointment with my Dr in a couple of days and I really want to know that this is either working or not working because he is going on holidays shortly, so I am gonna be on my own for a bit.

Now for the good news !!! Um ….. I won $4 on a scratchy ticket last week, whoohoo!!!!


  1. Dear Lee, Really sorry to hear you are having such a rough time with your gut - guess you've had a gutfull?! Ha!ha! It's such a bloody pain when everything you eat seems to make you feel worse. I use a lot of ginger tea as a digestive aid and I find it REALLY helps. I have a diffuser like you use for regular tea leaves, and I fill it with grated ginger (lovely fresh stuff is best) and pour on boiling water in a mug. I let it steep for 5 minutes and add some sugar to taste. I usually find half a mug does the trick and I keep the rest for later.
    The other thing that helps me (this may sound crazy) is rubbing across the top of my shoulders and up the sides of my neck. I find they get really tight and sore when my stomach is bad (it makes sense in Chinese medicine) so I get some oil or moisturizer and GENTLY rub the sore spots. Amazingly this usually makes me burp(!! or the other end!!!) and I get some relief. I know it sounds a bit far out, but it does help me. Take care and hang in there!

  2. You know me and my attitude to a lot of stuff that comes with M.E.: I always look for alternative, more gentle treatments. These articles may be interesting to you...especially the second one

    And I expect you know already about the Heilobacter Foundation but there's good info. here too

    Sorry this whole wretched business is dragging on so long. Must be so draining physically and emotionally. After you've spoken to doc it may be worth looking at other ways to treat

    Thinking of you (*)

  3. Oh, boy, $4!! What will you buy to treat yourself?

    Sorry to hear of your ongoing troubles. Hopefully, the doctor is right, and the bacteria (or whatever it is) is gone and your gut is healing. That is one gruesome photo you included with this post!!


  4. Way to go on the scratch ticket! I was almost afraid to see what new thing had cropped up after the snake. The alien is much better! ha ha I'm just curious, but do you take digestive aids and pro-biotics? I found the combination of a really good digestive aid that I take with everything I put in my mouth a nightly colon cleanser (mild) and a really good pro-biotic, pretty much eliminates my stomach/colon problems. That an no gluten of course. Anyway, you have probably already answered my question before on your blog, but I missed it.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    BTW, I think whining is allowed! :-)

  5. Sometimes whiney and complainy is good. We need to vent. We didn't sign up for a sick body and living in one everyday takes it's toll. Hang in there and vent when you need to.

  6. Lee Lee -

    Whine, yell, scream, whatever you need. I'm so very sorry all of this is going on.

    Know that you are in my thoughts (always)xx

  7. Hey Lee Lee,

    My name's just Lee, 27 yr old female artist in the States, also living with/surviving CFS. I've been looking around at the CFS internet community, thinking about making a blog about my own experiences, and I just wanted to say Thanks and I Hear You. It takes so much strength and inner resources to live with this disease, and I think everyone's personal struggle is inspiring. Thanks for writing.

  8. The Nexium might take awhile to work. Here in the States I was put on a medication called Zegerid which reduces stomach acid. It really helped with my gastritis but it took awhile. I felt like s*** in the meantime.

    You are going through it with your gut. I hope things heal up asap.

    Congrats on winning the $4!

    ps-I think we all need to vent about all these symptoms. They can be overwhelming at times. You are not a whiner. : )