Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grow your own Mushrooms

I am still right at the beginning of my treatment for Candida. I have been banging on about this for weeks and week so sorry for yet another post about it. I am having some issues. As time goes on I am seeing just how bad this Candida/yeast problem is for me. To recap quickly I started taking Nystatin which is an antifungal medication probably 2 months ago, It made me soooo sick because of the die off that I had to stop taking it within days. It was just way to harsh for my poor little body to deal with. So after consulting with my Doctor I decided the best course of action was to go on a strict anti Candida diet for a few weeks so that it could start to die off naturally in it’s own time.
I have been on that diet now for maybe a month and I have noticed 2 main things. My energy levels have been running at close to zero, my guess is that with no sugar in my diet my fuel reserves are just not getting replenished. The other thing is that I can visibly see and feel Candida die off happening. It’s like the dying yeast is trying to escape my body anyway it can, and it is now evident that it is spread throughout my body not just in the gut. I have a sinus infection that will not settle, I have fungus leaching out through my toe nails (gross) and I have dozens of huge pimples appearing all over my body, oh and lots of itching, especially on my back.
I saw my Doctor again last week and we decided it was time to try the Nystatin again and start with a low dose. A week ago I took one 500 000 unit capsule and the next day I felt fluey and upset bloated stomach but not too bad. I waited one more day and then took one more capsule and have just felt like death ever since. The die off is so extreme I cannot possibly continue with the Nystatin but it has highlighted to me just how important it is that I get this Candida out of my body.
I am trying to stay positive but when I feel so sick and have such overwhelming fatigue I can’t help but slide into that dark place. I am usually pretty good at letting myself feel it for a short time and then pulling myself out of it. I am having trouble this time because if feels like it has been literally months now since I have had an ok day.
I think the answer is to ditch the Nystatin and try one of the natural alternatives that work slower and should be more gentle on the body. The problem with that is that it will most likely take a lot longer to get rid of the Candida so I will be feeling like crap for longer …. But there is no way I can tolerate the extreme die off symptoms.

I am sick of complaining …. One of these days I will post something cheerful and uplifting, I promise :)


  1. ''I am trying to stay positive but when I feel so sick and have such overwhelming fatigue I can’t help but slide into that dark place.''

    I'm there too buddy. it's very very difficult. x

  2. i'll be so happy when you both have reason to be all perky and positive and happy every it is i think you're doing pretty amazing jobs just keeping on keeping on.

    lee lee, was reading about some natural options for treating systemic candida infections in a book the other day - if you don't find what you're looking for i'll pass on that info.

    XXOO lovely people

  3. "Keeping on keeping on." That really says it all, kp. With lifestyles like this, living with ME, etc... "keeping on keeping on" is a major challenge, isn't it. Is there a medal -- or at least a t-shirt -- for that? :)

  4. Wow LeeLee, I think what you're doing is so amazing! After your earlier posts I started thinking that candida may be an issue for me, but after looking at the diet I just couldn't work out how I could possibly manage it. Now you are being made feel even more ill by the process - what an incredible challenge. It seems like it may be a crucial aspect of your illness, perhaps eventually you will see a very significant energy gain from it all. I just want to say well done so far, and feel good about doing whatever is kindest and most gentle to help you get through it. It's slow and tedious, and maybe you need to think in months, rather than weeks or days, but I'm sure there will be a shift eventually. Thinking of you!

  5. not sure there is david...but there should be. maybe we should make some?

  6. David and KP .... just for you .. now there is a shirt -

  7. oh and this one 'CFS - Completely Fucked, stupid. T-Shirt

  8. It sounds like this is going to take a while :-(. I know when I go onto low carb/no carb I feel a lack of energy. It's as if our bodies have forgotten how to process food and have to rely on sugar.

    I can recommend nasal douching for dodgy sinuses. I got instant results. You add a teaspoon of sea salt and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to boiled water and let it cool until it's just warm. Bend over a sink (if you can with your OI) and pour some of the mixture into a cupped hand. With the opposite hand close the opposite nostril and sniff up hard. Bending stops it going down your throat but you will have to spit. It helps to tilt your head around to make sure it gets into the sinus cavities. Repeat several times on each side. And be amazed at the amount of mucous you shift.

    I really admire you for your efforts to get well. Like the T shirts too :-)

  9. Thanks Jo I will give that a go ... sounds like great fun!!!

  10. Great idea Lee, putting your stuff up on Red Bubble! And love the T-shirts!

  11. Oh Lee Lee despite my joshing (feeble attempt to cheer you up) I do so admire your fortitude and persistence. Why shouldn't you have a moan and get it off your chest ? Better out than in :O)

    I tried the anti-candida diet years ago. I was still veggie then and that and the fact that I'm GF like you made it bl**dy difficult. What I would say is that if you are going to go down the complementray route do find a really good practitioner to supervise what you're doing. My herbalist is v keen on specific herbs for candida and M.E. and also on cleanses...especially liver and colon cleanses and poultices. Trouble is I'm not sure if you are strong enough for these atm...though I know there are gentler alternatives.

    In the meantime this site/blog

    may be helpful.

    You know where I am if you want me (*)

  12. P.S. Tea Tree is supposed to be v good for loads of stuff but especially for candida 'outcomes' the fungus on your toesnails and also rubbed into skin.

  13. Wow, that sucks that you're STILL so low in energy. I think something would be wrong with you if this wasn't sorry to hear you're going through this. Those long long stretches without a good day - so depressing. But hopefully the Candita diet helps in the long run. Have you heard of something called ribose? My specialist recommended it as possibly helping the body with energy in a similar way to simple sugars - which you're not getting right now??? Just a thought.
    Hang in there. Truthfuly I can say that all my bad periods have only been just that "periods". Eventually with rest I was able to return to having at least some OK days. Take care LeeLee

  14. I think natural and slow is best with candida, since it is so tough on your body to get rid of the stuff. I think mine was mostly in my brain or something, since my die off consisting of long sessions of horking out white 'floam' from my sinuses and lungs. I thought it would never end. I would seriously hover over the sink for a half an hour every morning and evening just snorking out the white floam! And I was tired and weak as well. It took a few months to get rid of, since I had to slow down the process to avoid feeling more ill. I just use virgin coconut oil to keep it away now and I do feel better now that it's gone. Since you're more sick than I ever was, I can imagine how dramatic the effects must be. Go easy on your system and it will get gradually better. Even now, if I'm lax about the diet, I get a bit of that white stuff. Take care and better days ahead...

  15. Hang in there Lee Lee. I never thought things would get a little better but they have...

    Like someone else said its persistence and simply surviving the dark days until the light returns...

  16. Sorry you're struggling so with this...and sorry I haven't been around here much lately - just overwhelmed and behind on everything.

    Our Lyme doctor now treats yeast overgrowth with a supplement called ADP, which is emulsified oregano - seriously, it's oregano, just like in your spice drawer. It's a strong anti-fungal and also anti-viral and anti-biotic, but he says his patients tolerate it much better than prescription anti-fungals and it's less toxic. Might be worth a try, if you can get it there. Here's where we order it:

    Try searching for ADP Biotics Research (the manufacturer).

    Hope you're feeling a bit better by now. Thinking of you -


  17. HI Lee, i found your blog through Barrys blog. I just wanted to say that i really understand the candida thing. I hav had xactly the same problem, with fungus just everywhere inside and out. YUCK!

    the problem with nystatin is that you can tend to get bounc back candida when you stop the treatment.
    I have usd strict diet (been on it for a year now) and caprylic acid alternating with garlic capsules to kill it. Thn i introduced Kefir which i grow myself and strong probiotics. I can now occassionally eat a bit of sugar without feling like ive been hit by a bus. but if i do it too much i end up worse again.
    Just to say i understand where you are coming from with all the stuff you have been saying.