Monday, September 13, 2010

Feeling like a doll that's been stepped on


It seems I have really stuffed up badly and paid the price. I have learnt just how important it is to have all the bits of the puzzle before you set off on a journey. When I decided to go back on the antibiotics my Dr said that I would need to also go on probiotics and antifungal medication because the antibiotics would be killing off all the bacteria in my guy and there would be nothing to fight of Candida. At the time I was worried about herx from antibiotics so I decided I would postpone the antifungal medication for a few weeks until my body was ready. BIG mistake! I am such a good researcher and yet I stupidly overlooked the seriousness of Candida within the equation. I hadn’t realised just how damaging Candida can be in it’s own right. It can in fact cause many of the usual CFS/ME symptoms because it can overtime grow all through your body. Icky stuff.

So, I started the antibiotics about a month ago and had a few fluey yucky days and then started to feel significantly better. Big smile  I waited 2 weeks and started the antifungal and once again felt like I was going to die. Several days totally bedbound and a few more days feeling like I had severe food poisoning. Wow, this was a major herx. It made me think that perhaps I already had a Candida problem big time. I stopped taking the antifungals because I felt it was at that point dangerous but the symptoms continued for another 5 days. I then managed to do some research and came to the conclusion that I needed to also stop the antibiotics because they were now feeding the Candida. The day after I stopped the antibiotics I felt hugely better and continued to improve over the following couple of days.

So what now? Um …… I do think I was on the right track but stuffed up because I didn’t have all the info I needed first. I did things the wrong way round. My new plan is to address the Candida issue first and then go back to antibiotics. Because of the severity of his recent herx I need to start slowly so I have adjusted my diet so the Candida starts to die of naturally. I have cut out as much sugar as possible and bad carbs and anything yeasty or fungal. I have also started eating lots of garlic, ginger, chilli and coconut which are all things shown to kill Candida. I plan on doing this for a week or two and then go back onto a very low dose of the antifungal medication and increase that as I can tolerate. Once I have done all of this for a while I can get back to the antibiotics.

I will be seeing my Dr in a couple of days so will discuss all of this with him just in case he has a better idea etc.

Oh boy life can be exciting!

Oh, I did get the results from my Holter test and Echocardiogram, I will do a post about that shortly .... nothing exciting to tell ...


  1. Gets so confusing. Roller coaster ride. I used to like roller coasters. :(

  2. Sue Jackson has some good posts about Candida and how to avoid it. She swears by probiotics and takes them if she has to take abx, usually avoiding any problems. I found diet helps too. You know to avoid dairy products?

    Good luck with it all. It's a complete bummer! So sorry you are struggling with it.

  3. Sounds so horrible. I tried the anti-candida diet years ago but no help sadly. Very difficult as I was vegetarain too then.

    Not that I'm knocking your research or wisdom, my dear, but would it be possible to have an alternative practitioner oversee your regime or will doc do that ?

    Hope it all works out soon (*)

  4. How awful! It is so difficult to always calculate the exact right step to be taken and the consequences are far too high. I hope you can get some results with the new diet and supplements. I take VCO to keep Candida away.


  5. I had a scare with the evil candida this week, as some soup stock I've been using has yeast extract in it. I thought it wouldn't make much difference and the first few times it didn't. But then after eating it one day I got this very clouded, swimming feeling in my head that is different from my usual 'brain fog'. I recognized it from last year, when a naturopath said I had candida. So I started taking lots of VCO, which made me dragged out from herxing. I was afraid I would have to go through weeks of that again. But it doesn't seem to have taken too much of a hold, so I think I can get by on small amounts of VCO and not have too bad herxing reactions. This is one tricky thing associated with CFS that I think we actually can get rid of, but it means always having to have a strict diet. I start to get that 'candida brain' feeling if I have much sugar at all (it's also distinct from the 'spiked blood sugar brain' feeling, which I also get from sugar) It's simply amazing to me how many distinct sensations this illness is capable of visiting upon the body and brain.

    Good luck getting back to your baseline and so on to improvement!


  6. Wow - it certainly sounds like you have been through quite a bit - it sounds horrible. I'm still such a newbie that most of this is foreign to me - but it seems like you haven't gotten some very sound advice above.

    Thinking of you ((Hugs))

  7. I totally meant have gotten some very sound advice - geez.