Saturday, May 15, 2010

Electromagnetic what?

has anyone given a second thought to the possibility of electromagnetic fields making us sick? It's not the sort of thing I'd usually pay any attention to ..... seems like one of those 'grasping at straws' theories, but ....
While I have been without Internet at home my computer has been off most of the day and coincidentally I have felt much better. It came to mind because after 2 weeks with no Internet I got BORED and as a way of passing the time I had started to scan old photos and i was noticing that after 20 minutes at the computer I felt dreadful and has to retreat to the couch again. This in itself is nothing new, 20 minutes is about my limit in general but because I had had the 2 weeks sans computer it seemed more obvious that something was going on. I thought initially that it was just the fact that sitting in an upright chair for that long was the problem, but I have tested that out now. I can sit in the same chair at a desk with no computer to read my book for MUCH longer without crashing. It really seems like being near a computer that is turned on is doing something to me.

has anyone else had any experience with this sort of thing??


  1. I can't say I have ever noticed much of a difference, but I fully believe that the increase of illnesses like this are due to the changes in food production, lifestyle, and technology for sure.

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  2. I've met a couple of people who were convinced they were affected by mobile phones and/or electromagnetic radiation. I would not discount this as a possibility. However, I know from my own experience that stress can be a cause of symptoms, and that can include stress from noise and light, and the pressure of having to communicate. For me, it's neon lights. Also, computers, when switched on, throw off chemicals from the plastics they are made out of. So you'd have to do a pretty stringent set of trials to make sure it was really the electromagnetics and not anything else, or a combination of factors.

    Also, when watching TV or using a computer screen you are using a massive amount of energy just doing the visual processing. Not to mention the cognitive stuff and all the psycho/social gumph that happens when we engage with these things.

    An interesting observation. I'll be keen to see if you come up with anything and I'll certainly be thinking about this for myself. Might give myself some TV and computer free days.

  3. Was reading something about that last week... I tend to not like having bright lights on much after dark, the light and possible EMFs, I'm not sure. Interesting to figure out if it really is something that affects you. I think being surrounded by electronics in a neon lit setting really taxes something and chokes out oxygen flow. I felt very sick a few years ago in an u nventilated office where the main server actually vented into the the windowless, rooms instead of outside. Seriously, there was no air circulation! The worker's comp board wanted to shut the place down. I felt sick all day every day... All those electronics, lights, no air, yargh... I can really get what you mean about electronics and the environmental surroundings.

    Hope you can feel better by getting away from machines for a while each day.


  4. Lee Lee -

    I know that looking at a computer screen (especialy scrolling up and down) immediately increases my nausea. In fact, I only have to take my anti-nausea medicine at work. It also strains my eyes, makes me more tired, increased my headaches, and always makes me more light sensitive.

    This is honestly why when I'm home I stay off the computer, it's part of my recovery and rest time "rules".

  5. I make sure I turn my router off at night. I also time myself on the computer so I take regualr breaks. I do feel like the computer zaps my energy sometimes!


    Read what IARC says about electromagnetic field !!!