Monday, May 17, 2010

Doing Wheelies!

I am sooooo excited!I just bought myself a wheelchair online! Whoo hoo, I will be out and about doing wheelies in no time LOL. I have been thinking about it for a while and as I said in my previous post, I have been having some pretty good days (by my standards). I really feel like I'd like to try and go out to the art gallery or something. I can still only walk a very short distance without crashing so a wheelchair might just be the way to do it. Of course I'd need someone to push me and drive me to the gallery etc. The only thing I am unsure about is all the other sensory stimulation, lights, sound, people, movement and the likes. It may still be enough to make me crash but I wont know unless I give it a go .... so I am going to do just that!!! and .... I am soooo excited hahahaha!!!

It will be a few days till I get the chair but I will certainly write a post as soon as I have given it a spin.


  1. Great news....hope you have a great first trip ! Will you be 'pimping your ride' as the young 'uns say ? Leopard skin seat, rhinestones on the arms, bling-tastic design ?

  2. This post made my day.
    Good on you - hope it goes well for you, look out world!

  3. Hi Lee Lee, Really sorry about FB chat today: got cut off by power cut -- no phone, no router. Who'd live in the country eh ? Bet you thought I'd abandoned you...and right in the middle of our nice chat. Catch up with you later.

    P.S. It is me..just don't like logging into my g account when online in library ...which is where I'm typing this :o)

  4. I am so thrilled that you have found a way to get out of the house more often. Just try not to overdo it (wink). I truly am happy for you, CONGRADS!!!

  5. A trip to the art gallery sounds really exciting! I would probably wear a hood or a hat to block out the overhead lights and extra movement. Have a great time!


  6. Ah, the old trial and error thing. Definitely go to the art gallery. You may pay for it, but it will give you a good idea where your limits are, and it will certainly be worth it. Enjoy!

  7. So glad you will be able to venture out more - I can tell how excited you are! And I love the pic!!

    Hope you get to enjoy the art gallery soon -


  8. Yay! Getting out and about!

    I understand with the whole sensory overload, it is one of the numero uno things that lock me in the house.

    Hope it goes well :)

  9. Great news. Anything that will enable you to get out and about more. Can't wait to hear about it. And, yes, that sensory overload is a real problem for me too.

  10. Been anywhere nice lately ????

  11. Congrats on getting a chair Lee. I'm able to do more and have a whole lot more fun cause I have one. I hope the same is true for you.

    "Wheelchair walks"--my husband pushes most the time, but I get out for a little and push the empty chair until my legs give out, then he takes over again. We take my chair anywhere we travel-near or far. Went to Crater's of the Moon recently and got to see some of the awesome terraine, not out windows as I would have without a chair, but in person, out in the fresh air!

    I call my chair, my walker, my cane, my ENABLERS--they make what would be impossible- possible. Wishing you FUN, endless possibilities and plenty of people to push the chair!

  12. Just checking in on you - I miss your posts. I hope your feeling as best as you can.


  13. I used to find it hard to deal with loud noise, any noise really. Everything used to seem like it was turned up to '11'. I bought some ear plugs that turn the volume down, but still be able to hear what is going on. It helped me get out more.

    Now, I can't deal with sudden loud noises and I'm getting used to being in a restaurant with music and talking. I do have to go in the toilets for some quiet time though. I've also started to turn everything up by one everyday to get used to noise again. When I'm having a relapse/crash I can't deal with the tv on and having a conversation- it's one or the other!

    Here's the link to the earplugs. It's a uk site but I'm sure these are sold everywhere!