Saturday, April 17, 2010


I know I only just posted something but I just stumbled upon an article that I thought was fascinating and I wanted to share it. Click HERE.

I also found this video which is somewhat good but also somewhat annoying, typical media hype stuff ... what do you think??


  1. The only thing that was annoying to me about this video was that along with recommending exercise, Dr. Oz failed to mention that too much will make it worse, both according to the diagnostic criteria and according to the theory of how retro-viruses are spread. Donica had explained in one of her first interviews that exercise creates inflammation which activates the immune system, which grows the retro-virus, since retro-viruses get inside the immune system cells. So while we do have to push to get little bits of exercise, it is also recommended not to over do it.

  2. Even though I knew Dr. Oz was going to give a few minutes of his show to CFS, I opted out of watching it (wimped out I guess)...Had a feeling it was going to be pretty off the mark and my stomach would be turning. I'm glad that it made the show and feel good about that...but can't wait until we watch ME/CFS hit mainstream shows that express the reality we live. Gotta start somewhere though...Dr. Oz hitting parts of it accurately...that's somewhere.