Monday, March 22, 2010


Thank you, Shelli at living-the-cfs-life, for nominating me for this prestigious and mood lifting award!

The rules:
1.)When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2.) Name 10 things that make you happy
3.) Pass this award onto other bloggers and inform the winners

So, without further ado, here are ten things, in no particular order, that make me happy.

1. Sitting down and just having a normal chat with my Mum or Dad about nothing important.
I seem to spend so much time with Mum and Dad that is about damage control for me or someone else, so to just be with them for pleasure rather than pain is awesome. I look forward to more times like these.

2. Getting a good nights sleep.
If I wake up in the morning and real refreshed and like I have slept well then I know it’s going to be a better day

3. Having a plan.
Being directionless stresses me out, so knowing that I have a plan makes me feel in control and the stress melts away.

4. Talking to old friends about old times.
I’m not into living in the past however many years ago my life was far closer to perfect than it is now and it’s nice to remember how that used to feel.

5. Feeling the sun on my skin.
I love that feeling of early morning sun warming your skin.

6. A good laugh by yourself.
I love it when something totally unexpected happens and you have a genuine laugh to yourself about it. It pulls you up and reminds you that you only ever really live in THIS moment and you can forget what happened yesterday and the worry of tomorrow.

7. A naughty treat.
Fries from McDonalds or chocolate!!!! Mmmmmmmmm, enough said, right?!

8. Completing a task.
Regardless of what the task is, the satisfaction you get when you successfully complete it always motivates you to set a new task!

9. Recognizing that I’m not alone.
CFS has been really isolating so far for me and having people around both in the real world and the internet world is a huge comfort. When Doctors and some friends etc really don’t understand it’s totally fab when you get real validation from people that do ‘get it’

10. Creativity.
Setting myself little or sometimes big arts projects has always been the way I externalize my personality. I am now learning that creativity is so much more important than that. Each day I find creative ways to live within my current confines. I think it’s a gift to be a lateral thinker!

I'd like to nominate Terri at cfswarrior for being an inspiration!


  1. What a great list, Lee! I could really relate to everything you said. It's nice to remember all the good things that make you happy, isn't it?

    Here's to many more happy moments ahead for you!


  2. I so agree with #10 and finding creative ways to live within your current confines, and agree with Sue - here's to many more happy moments!

  3. Thanks for posting this list! It reminds me of the things that I have, and that we can still enjoy our lives even with illness.


  4. Awesome list Lee Lee. I like no. 10 too. We can still find ways of expressing ourselves. CFS can never rob you of your identity.

  5. Great list ---- you're so resourceful ;O)

  6. Very fun getting to know you better! I love the first thing on your list. Isn't it nice to talk about "normal" once in awhile, and not have it always be about CFS? Number 3 is important to me, too, because I hate feeling out of control. And #5 is the best feeling in the world!

    Thanks for letting us share your happiness vicariously!

  7. I love Mc Donalds and would love a good sleep. I have nominated you too because I appreciate your help and advice.

  8. Great list, Lee. I love #1 too -- just the joy of having a conversation about nothing special. Oh, and there really is nothing like a good night's sleep for me either.