Friday, March 12, 2010

Such a bore ....

I’m bored with being bored. There are only so many different ways you can look at the same 4 walls and I have already found all of them! I’m not a huge TV fan and it’s the weekend which means TV is even worse than usual, so that’s not an option. I’d really like to be outside. It’s windy but it looks beautifully sunny. I have two balconies which is a blessing however, same story … there are only so many things you can see from that single viewpoint. My apartment is up 3 flights of stairs, and while I have managed to work out a way I can manage to get down them getting back up is not always so easy, so it’s really safer to just stay inside 

Before I got sick I used to amuse myself with work. My day job was doing graphic design but apart from that I also worked on photographic projects and also music projects. I still have the passion for these but logistically it’s difficult now. The photographic work requires physical movement which is just not gonna happen and the music stuff I can manage in small increments. Working in small increments is really frustration and requires more patience.

If you are interested in hearing some of the music that I have been working on while being housebound you can go here Oh and I should ad that this is stuff that I am working on with producer Peter Tanico who is in NYC.

I think a big issue with boredom is that even if you have stuff to do you really want to be doing something else. There are things I could be doing like sorting out paperwork and looking at my finances, I do need to find ways to minimize spending, but that is really an unappealing task so it’s not gonna help with boredom. I could start working on cooking some meals for the week. I try to cook in batches so I don’t have to waste energy everyday dealing with that. Cooking is boring too though when it is out of necessity rather than for pleasure. Aaaaahhh yes, that is the key ‘pleasure’. Gotta find something new to do that is fun 

Any suggestions? I’d love to hear what everyone else does to amuse themselves???
My only restrictions are that I live alone, I live up 3 flights of stairs, I cannot walk more than say 20 meters without it causing problems later, I can’t focus on anything mentally for more than about 20 minutes before the brain fog sets in …. Hahahaha … so … any suggestions????


  1. When 4 walls turns into 5... or 3, then you know you're REALLY bored! :)

  2. Can you rent movies online? When I first became bedbound, I joined Netflix in the U.S. I went through different genres and actors, e.g. one month, I watched all of Katherine Hepurn's old movies.

  3. As one creative person to another I can understand your frustration but it is early days and gradually you find ways to get round the problems and to utilise the brief spells of time you have. If you serach around the M.E. blogging community you'll find that there are painters, writers, photographers etc. Some have published books, had exhibitions it is possible.

    At the moment you have to give yourself time to adjust but some of the advice on Michael Nobbs blog (has M.E. and writes, draws, build up a real following) is v. good.

    In OZ there's also which has just started a new project but might be worth looking out for.

    Love some of your tracks. Makes me wish I could still go out clubbing....something that hasn't happened in a looooonnggggg time ;O)

  4. Thanks very much Cusp, those links were just what I needed to get some inspiration going :)

  5. I agree with Cusp, it's early days. You will develop a routine after a while. You learn (or at least I have) to be able to leave a task half or a quarter done, and pick it up later. It's so important to keep these parts of ourselves alive. Actually, I've found a different me, one I like better than the driven, busy, grumpy person I was before.

    It does get better, you're doing great :-)

  6. Hi Lee, If you back email me and want to give me your email address I'll send you links to the arty PWME-blogs I know about...just a thought

  7. Oh, I hear ya on the 'bored with being bored'. It's hard to inject fun into your life when daily living takes so much strength. One thing I enjoy is listening to podcasts, especially related to interests that are fun for me. It helps me to feel more like I'm participating in that interest, and often I learn new stuff that way, too. Not exactly a ground-breaking idea, I know, but books are a bit hard for me these days, so I really appreciate the podcast concept.